(Version 1.5-12 ; Raphaël Pélissier ; 07-02-2014)

Package Diversity.R is a standard R package to perform species diversity analyses using the resources of R statistical software. It depends on basic libraries of the precompiled binary R system (version ≥ 3.0) and libraries ade4 and spded, which must be installed before starting installation of Diversity.R.
  • Install the binary version from R console using the appropriate commands or compile the sources using Unix-like R CMD INSTALL
  • Then, load the package using library(diversity.R)and move to the help files and worked examples.

Worked example

WE1: caiv, nscaiv from Couteron et al. 2003 WE2: ca-richness, nsca-Simpson strategies
from Pélissier et al. 2003
WE3: diversity partitioning
from Couteron & Pélissier 2004

 WE4: multi-scale ordination
from Couteron & Ollier 2005

 WE5: beta-diversity analysis
from Pélissier & Couteron 2007